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Body Types + Which One Are You?

April 16, 2016
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Let’s talk about body types!

The other day I was doing my usual reading about health and fitness and I came upon an article that talked about body types. Now, everyone knows that there are different body types, and I’m talking about the ones we usually hear that tell us whether we are pear, apple, hourglass, ruler, or inverted triangle shaped. Those aren’t the ones I learned about and I’m definitely not talking about those today either. The ones I learned about are called ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. These three body types do more than just tell us which one we physically identify with, because it’s more than just that.
If you are like me and had never heard of these 3 body types, let me give a brief description of each.


Ectomorph: these are the people that are very skinny, have a small bone structure, long thin limbs, lean stringy muscle, a fast metabolism, narrow shoulders, and have a hard time gaining muscle or fat.

Mesomorph: these people have a medium bone structure, an easier time gaining muscle and fat, well defined muscles, and have an athletic body. This body type is best for bodybuilding because it responds quickly to weight training.

Endomorph: these people have a larger bone structure and are typically short and have thicker arms and legs with a higher amount of body and fat mass. They have a hard time losing fat, but can easily gain it and gain muscle easily as well. They also have strong muscles, especially in their legs.

Now, you can either be purely one of these body types, or you can actually be a combination of them, but after reading and learning more about the different body types I’ve realized how important it is to know which one you are. Everyone’s bodies are different, we all know that, but what that means is that what works best for my body, won’t necessarily work best for your body. If you have been spending hours working out and eating healthy, but aren’t seeing optimal results, maybe it’s because you aren’t working your body type the way that you should be. Maybe you’re doing something that someone else has recommending because it works best for THEM, and maybe it does work for you, but don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t because EVERYONE is DIFFERENT.

What body type am I?
I’ve had lots of you ask me how I am able to gain muscle easily while being vegan, and to be honest I just thought I was lucky in that department because I was only eating about 50-60g of protein per day (this was before I was counting my macros), but really it’s just my mostly mesomorph body type. To be completely honest, the mesomorph body type is a blessing and a curse because although it is pretty easy for me to gain muscle and see results, I just as quickly gain fat to hide those results. It is a harder body type to maintain, in my opinion.
Another thing I’ve always wondered about with my body type is as soon as I start working a particular area, while doing little cardio, that area starts to get bigger quickly. For example, before I got married I was squatting and doing leg exercises almost every day for about two months because I wanted my butt and legs to look good while we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii, but I wasn’t doing any cardio. What ended up happening was my legs started to get bigger instead of leaning out and looking more defined like I had wanted and of coursed that freaked me out because that was the LAST thing I wanted to happen! I never understood why that happened because I never tried to figure it out, but now I know that it happened because my body type gains muscle quickly and since I wasn’t doing any cardio at that time and my diet wasn’t super good, my body was also holding on to fat.
Since I moved to Utah my cardio has seriously been lacking because I hurt my knee and for about a month I wasn’t doing any of my runs that I would have typically been doing. I was still doing my leg workouts, but what has happened is the same thing that happened before my honeymoon: bigger legs and more fat. I realize it isn’t a big deal, but I feel so relieved to now understand why this happens to me and how I can avoid it in the future.

What body type are you?
I can’t tell you what body type you are, but you can go online and figure it out. There are lots of sites that tell you what body type you are, as well as what you should be eating, and what exercises you should be doing. I have found this super helpful for myself as I now know exactly what I need to do to maintain the look that I want.  
It can be super discouraging to put all of this hard work into your workouts and not see results or to lose results because of one tiny routine change, which is again why it is SO important to know what works best for you! So go right now and find out what you are and see if what you have been doing is the right thing for YOUR body.
These are the websites that I used to learn more about my body type and to also figure out which one I am: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/becker3.htm & http://thescienceofeating.com/food-combining-how-it-works/workouts-for-all-areas/the-3-body-types-explained/ 

As always, thanks for reading and I hope that I’ve helped you understand your body type a little better and hopefully was able to give you a little for clarity in your life! 


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