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BBG 1.0 & Half Marathon Training Schedule + Free Download

January 19, 2016

Hello everyone!

I have gotten several requests to show how I train for a half marathon and do BBG at the same time. So, I put together this little BBG 1.0 (can be used for BBG 2.0 as well) and half marathon 12 week training schedule for you all!

Last fall my husband and I started to train for a half marathon, which we were supposed to run on December 19th in Meridian, Idaho. BBBRRRRR! I got through the entire training program and was ready to run the race, except I hadn’t signed up in advance so the registration fee went up to $80, and at the time that just wasn’t something that we could realistically afford with Christmas shopping plus traveling to California to be with my family for 10 days. Thus, I didn’t get the chance to run the race, which I was super bummed about. BUT I am committed to running a half marathon and I will do at least one, if not more, this year!

For a really long time I’ve wanted to run a half marathon and then eventually a whole marathon, but in all honesty it’s always been something I’ve been scared of committing to. It’s easy to get intimidated by running a timed long distance run and it’s especially easy for me to get caught up in my own head thinking I can’t do it or I won’t be fast enough or train hard enough. It’s easy to make excuses and hard to make commitments, but I’m over that. I’m ready for change and I’m ready to see what I’m capable of AND I hope you will join me too!

I started training a week ago and so far things are going great! Since I only stopped running in December, picking up running again hasn’t been nearly as hard this time around. I’m in pretty good shape and the only thing that is hard at this point is slight pain in my knee once I get to about mile 3 or 4 of running, but that always happens when I first start to run again, so it is definitely expected.

Anyways, enough chat! Let’s get into some details about the training program. I created this 12 week guide to fit within a BBG workout schedule as well as it being a very easy start for anyone who isn’t already a runner. I mean, week 1 Monday is a 1 mile run and I think I can assume almost anyone can run 1 mile, right? So if you aren’t a runner but want to start, even if you aren’t planning on running a half marathon, this guide is still a good outline to use and also a really good way to keep yourself accountable! I know for myself personally, if I have a workout schedule in writing, like this one, then it is way harder to talk myself out of it or make excuses, but maybe that’s just me!


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