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Nutritional Yeast Popcorn

February 27, 2016
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Oh, popcorn!

If you know anything about me, then you know that I love popcorn. I love it so much that most of the time I will make an entire bowl and eat it all to myself. Popcorn is another one of my families go to snacks. Growing up we would always make a huge bowl of homemade nutritional yeast popcorn whenever we were watching movies or just for a snack.

Most people haven’t heard of nutritional yeast and one of the first things you need to know is that it is sort of an acquired taste. If you haven’t ever had it before, chances are you probably won’t like it sprinkled on your popcorn the first few times you try it. However, the more you eat it, I promise the more you will like it.  And as a bonus, this is a delicious, healthy snack that is affordable and easy to make.

Nutritional Yeast Popcorn
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  1. 1/3 cup popcorn kernels
  2. Coconut oil (you can substitute for olive oil)
  3. 1/2 cup nutritional yeast (you can buy it at Winco in the bulk section)
  4. Sea salt
  5. Garlic Salt (optional)
  1. Turn your stove on to a medium high temperature. Put about a teaspoon of coconut oil in the bottom of a medium sized pot and let it melt. After it as melted, pour the popcorn kernels in the pot and put a lid on it, leaving it cracked just a little so that your kernels can breath. Make sure to shake the pot every 30 seconds so that your kernels don’t burn. It usually takes a few minutes before your popcorn starts to pop.
  2. After your kernels are all popped, pour the popcorn in a bowl. You are now going to add the toppings, but first you will need to put your desired amount of coconut oil in a bowl and melt it. Drizzle the coconut oil lightly over your popcorn, add a 1/3 of your measured yeast, sprinkle on some sea salt and garlic salt (optional), and mix everything together. Now repeat this step a couple more times. Make sure you taste test your popcorn along the way because you don’t want to end up with popcorn that is too salty. And that’s it! I hope you enjoy this healthy snack as much as I do, as I’m sure you will.
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If you have leftovers of this popcorn, don’t throw it away! You can put the popcorn in a tupperware container or ziplock bag and save it for the next time you need/want a delicious snack.

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