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Permanent Cosmetics | Soft Tap by @pc_by_taby

July 14, 2016

Hi everyone!

So a couple weeks ago I got permanent cosmetics done on my eyebrows. Now, we all know that eyebrows are of all the rage these days, and most people aren’t blessed with thick, dark, and full brows because let’s face it, odds are you started plucking away at your eyebrows at an age where you had no idea what you were doing or/and the style back then was in favor of thin eyebrows. Personally, I started plucking my eyebrows at about 12 years old and my eyebrows have gone from thin, to super thin, to bushy, to weirdly shaped, to who knows what, because if there is one thing I know about plucking your own brows, it’s that it is too easy to get a little carried away and completely change the shape of your brow, accidentally.
Anyways, once I got older I tried to grow my brows out so that they would be fuller and thicker. Well, since I had already been plucking them for so long, when I tried to grow them out the hair simply just wouldn’t grow back in and my brows for some odd reason have slowly started to get less full the older I get, super annoying.
With all of that being said, I have been obsessed with the idea of getting my brows done for a while now and when Taby reached out to me to do mine, I was SO excited that there was someone only 15 minutes from my house that could do it for me!
What was the process like?
The very first thing we did was have my consultation, which is where we talked about what I wanted and what Taby suggested we do, and it was awesome because it made my husband, Lance, feel much better about the whole experience. A few weeks later I went back in for my appointment and to be completely honest, it was a different process than I was expecting. I went into the appointment thinking that I would be numbed right away with little to no pain to get numbed and I also didn’t think the process would hurt at all, which is my bad for not asking any questions about that. So, I sat down and Taby began what felt like plucking out all of my eyebrow hairs, but really she was pricking my skin to open it up so she could apply the numbing solution. After she applied the solution, she immediately began the process of applying the ink to my brows, which until the numbing solution started to kick in, was not the best feeling for about 20-30 minutes. Once I was completely numbed, the process was smooth sailing!
Taby was super good at making sure she was doing what I wanted and making sure I was liking how they were turing out. After she finished, my brows were super super dark, but I loved the shape and was really excited to have it done! For the first 6 days after that my brows kept getting lighter and eventually started to flake and peel the dead skin away. Around 8 days is when my brows were almost completely healed and I am obsessed with how they have turned out. The shape, color, fullness, and overall appearance of my brows is exactly what I wanted!
What is soft tap?
Soft tap is the technique in which the ink is applied. A handheld tool is used and the entire process is done by hand, without any machines. This allows the brows to have a much more natural look because the technician has so much more control over the process. Soft tap permanent make up is not an actual tattoo, thus you will need to get your eyebrows touched up every few years, usually 3-5, depending on how well your skin holds the ink.
Your brows will take about 7-10 days to heal, and they will lighten up about 30-40%. After your first appointment you will then have a touch up appointment 6 weeks later to fill in any missed spots, make changes to the shape, add different color, and/or make the brows darker. The cost for soft tap eyebrows is around $300-$500, which includes the touch up appointment as well.
Am I happy with my experience?
Absolutely! I am SO glad to have the brows that I’ve literally been dreaming about for years! The discomfort of getting numbed was definitely worth it x 1000 and I am extremely happy with how everything went and how my brows turned out and oddly enough, I’m actually really looking forward to my touch up appointment in a few weeks!

Brows tiny


If you want to check out Taby’s other work, you can visit her Instagram handle at @pc_by_taby and /or email her at Tabydavila@gmail.com! She super talented and sweet! :)


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