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Vegan & IIFYM + What I’m Eating

April 4, 2016

Hello everyone!

You probably didn’t expect to see this post after I just wrote about how I don’t count my macros, well I changed my mind! I was struggling a lot with overeating and snacking too much so I decided to give this a try to change things up and so far I’m actually really loving it! As a mom it’s easy to get caught up taking care of your child(ren) and forget to take care of yourself. And by take care of yourself, I mean feed yourself nutrient dense foods and not just eating cereal because you think it’s all you have time for. I’m loving IIFYM because I thrive on routine and having my days worth of food planned and prepared each day is really nice and super convenient and saves me a lot of time worrying about what I’m going to eat! Although the prepping part of it can take up a little time, I personally don’t mind it at all, because when I’m cooking (prepping my meals) it gives me time to myself when I don’t typically have to watch the kids and I’ll take anytime alone, even if it’s for cooking!
What I have been doing so far is every night I take a moment to plan out the next days worth of meals on MyFitnessPal. Right now it’s taking me longer than I’d like, but it is getting easier and hey I’ve only been at this a few days! I know that when I’ve been doing it longer it will get easier. I like to prep my food for the next day while I’m making dinner because then I can get it all done at once. I did a three day meal prep of sweet potato, asparagus, zucchini, and tofu, but the first day I ate one of those meals, I decided that meal prep, like that, isn’t for me. So instead I will just fry up my tofu and portion out my days worth of smaller meals (or snacks) and then everything else I like to cook fresh, which thankfully never takes a whole lot of time.
I have had a few of you ask me for an example of what I’m eating each day, and although I won’t share my exactly macro goals as everyone has different needs for their specific body type, I will share the last three days worth of food so you can get an idea of how a vegan, like myself, can get all of my protein in and reach my goals.

Stovetop oats, with chia seeds, hemp seed hearts, frozen blueberries and raspberries, cinnamon, and monk fruit sweetener.

Day 1
Breakfast: Oats + unsweetened almond milk + chia seeds + hemp seed hearts + cinnamon + monk fruit sweetener.

Post Workout: Vega – Protein and Greens in Vanilla flavor blended with 1 frozen banana in water

Lunch: Whole wheat english muffin + zucchini + Soyganic Extra Firm Tofu + soy sauce, spinach.

Snack: Baby carrots +  Sweet & Spicy Black Bean Hummus +  sugar snap peas.

Dinner: Asparagus + zucchini + sweet potato + Soyganic Extra Firm Tofu.

Snack: The Complete Cookie in Birthday Cake flavor (Lenny & Larry’s)

Steamed broccoli over quinoa with fried extra firm tofu with chili-garilc Sriracha and soy sauce.

Day 2
Breakfast: oats + cinnamon + chia seeds + hemp seed hearts + frozen blueberries + strawberries + agave + unsweetened almond milk.

Post WorkoutVega – Protein and Greens in Vanilla.

Lunch: Soyganic Extra Firm Tofu + 100% whole wheat english muffin + La Victoria Hot Sauce + spinach, white mushrooms.

Snack: Baby carrots + Sweet & Spicy Black Bean Hummus, strawberries + Puffed Millet + Unsweetened Original Almond Milk + cinnamon + Monk Fruit Sweetener.  

Dinner: Smart & Delicious Low Carb Tortilla + white mushrooms + La Victoria Hot Sauce + Soyganic Extra Firm Tofu + red pepper + black beans + spinach.

Snack:  Clif Builders Bar, 1 small pear,  honey on 1 slice of  Dave’s Killer Bread

Baked asparagus & sweet potato, fried extra firm tofu.

Day 3: 
Breakfast: oats + cinnamon + Monk Fruit Sweetener + hemp seed hearts + chia seeds, french vanilla coffee + Unsweetened Original Almond Milk + stevia. 

Post WorkoutVega – Protein and Greens in Vanilla flavor blended with 1 frozen banana in water

LunchLa Victoria Hot Sauce + Soyganic Extra Firm Tofu + white mushrooms + spinach + 100% whole wheat english muffin. 

Snack: Baby carrots + golden delicious apple. 

DinnerSmart & Delicious Low Carb Tortilla + white mushrooms + La Victoria Hot Sauce + Soyganic Extra Firm Tofu + red pepper + black beans + spinach.

Snack:  Clif Builders Bar

Day 4:
Breakfast: oats + cinnamon + monk fruit sweetener + hemp seed hearts + chia seeds + banana. 

Post WorkoutVega – Protein and Greens in Vanilla flavor

Lunch: quinoa + steamed broccoli + extra firm tofu + soy sauce + chili-garlic Sriracha.

Snack: Trader Joe’s Dry Roasted & Lightly Salted Almonds + Pro Bar Base – Peanut Butter Chocolate.

DinnerSoyganic Extra Firm Tofu + baked asparagus + baked sweet potato + nutritional yeast. 

Snack: frozen banana + Unsweetened Original Almond Milk + Adam’s 100% Natural Peanut Butter + cinnamon (all blended to make a banana smoothie). 


Okay, so that is what four days worth of meals look like, and yes they are very similar to each other, but I’m a creature of habit and I love these meals so I’m gonna keep eating them until I get sick of them. I hope this helps those of you that were asking me about it and answers some of your questions! If you have any other questions, please let me know!


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