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What’s in My Gym Bag + Essentials

May 18, 2016
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Hello hello!

I wanted to share with all you wonderful humans what I keep in my gym bag and what kind of gym essentials I always have with me.
First of all, I want to take a second to brag about my gym bag, because it’s awesome! In high school I had one of those draw string bags because the only thing I needed were my track shoes and that was perfect for me at the time and in cross country I had a bigger Nike duffle bag, but it’s falling apart and way too big for my needs nowadays. Recently I have been using this bag my mom got for me for Christmas that is actually made to be used as a yoga bag, but it was the only thing that I had so I used it as my every day gym bag instead, which wasn’t really practical because things didn’t quite fit properly. Thankfully, I got in contact with Vooray and they sent me one of their gym bags and it is exactly what I have been wanting and it’s the perfect size for my gym essentials! 

So with that being said, let’s get right into what I pack inside of it on a daily basis.

1. Vooray Roadie Gym Duffle
2. Kayla Itsines – Bikini Body Guide (BBG) 1.o
– This is the workout program that I’m using and I carry it in my gym bag at all times, because I don’t have the app version of the program.
3. Ankle Weights
– I bought these from target to increase the intensity of my workouts and seriously you guys, they make BBG SO MUCH HARDER, as if it even needs to be! I’m crazy, I know.
4. Jump Rope
– I like to bring my own jump rope because the ones at the gym aren’t ideal and plus that way I can have my own for at home and for travel.
5. Deodorant
– I mean, this is pretty self explanatory.
6. Justin’s Almond Butter & Apple Or banana
– I like to keep quick and easy snacks with me incase I am at the gym and start to lose energy. An apple or banana for carbs and Justin’s almond butter for protein and fat.
7. Garmin watch and Heart Rate Strap
– I use my Garmin mainly for running, but I also like to wear it along with my heart rate strap to the gym to track my workouts and see how hard I’m pushing myself. 
8. Running Shoes
– I bring my Nike running shoes with me to the gym, because most days I wear just regular training shoes and in order to keep my running shoes nice, I only use them when I run. So I’ll change into these before I do HIIT or if I’m doing my run on the treadmill at the gym.
9. Gum
– I don’t know why, but when I’m exercising I ALWAYS have to be chewing gum.
10. Earphones
– For the tunes, obviously! SudioSweden earphones are my favorite because they’re cute and they fit super well!
11. Protein Bar
– The brand varies, depending on what I have at home, but like the apple and almond butter, I like to keep a protein bar with me just incase I need the energy.
12. Water Bottle
– Clearly no explanation needed.

Overall, these are the essentials that I keep with me in my gym bag on a daily basis. I will add or take away things depending on the day and what my workout looks like. For example, I only need to pack my BBG binder on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and sometimes Saturday so on the days that I don’t need it there is no need to carry the extra bulky weight of a binder. 
Anyways, this is my gym bag and what is inside of it! I hope that you found this helpful if you needed ideas on what to pack in yours!

I threw in a few BONUS photos of Indie helping me take these pictures for you all. :)


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