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Zion National Park

August 4, 2016
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One of the major reasons why I was so excited to move to Utah was to be so close to places like Zions. I mean, what an incredible place! Earlier this summer we spent the weekend in Saint George with some friends and we spent a day at Zions. We originally planned to go on a hike while there, but we all dressed for 80 degree weather and it ended up being around 50 degrees so we were a little cold and on top of that we all ended up getting super bad allergies the entire weekend. Instead, we drove through the park and stopped and did a short 1 mile hike to this amazing view and it was so fun! Next time we go we will for sure do more hikes, but it was fun to get to experience the park in the way that we did. Anyways, a healthy and active life for me also involves doing things outside. And for that reason I will be sharing our adventures that we go on with you all through my blog.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

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